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Akasugi-Hakoiri Set - Quality Chopsticks Box Set

Akasugi-Hakoiri Set - Quality Chopsticks Box Set

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Product No. : 07-475-01

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Traditional chopsticks have been used from ancient times in Japan to add grace to the dishes served when entertaining important guests. The red grains of the center of Japanese cedar of the Jindai area were used by craftsmen to hand make, one by one, the six types of chopsticks included in this red grain cedar box along with top quality washi paper chopstick holders.

Five maruishi shubashi, five bara rikyubashi, five kakubashi, five yahabashi, five hakkakubashi, one sensubashi and five washi paper chopstick holders are contained in this red grain cedar box. Each type of chopsticks have different shaped grips. Shapes such as yaha and sensu are historically connected to shrines and temples.

These chopsticks are all made of cedar which are over 100 years old. Enjoy the delicate fragrance of cedar with every meal.

For me, chopsticks are the ultimate in Japanese Zen culture. With so many ways to utilize and use, this humble tool is also one of the most sacred tools. It represents the bridge between the gods and man, it symbolizes the tree that buddha dwells in, and it connects humankind to life. For most of us we dont think about these subtle deeper meanings. We use the chopstick because its delicate, it allows us to eat from a variety of dishes and to eat slower than we would with a fork or knife. It allows us to share our meals more intimately. It’s highly convenient in cooking (once you get used to it) and for me, brings an elegance to meal time manners that is unique.

The variety in styles is just for fun! They are also really great for developing fine motor skills in young children. (A great gift for your grandchildren!)

  • Material : Jindai cedar, paper
  • Size : Length 26cm, 30cm, Box: W210 x D50 x H300mm
  • Weight : 756g
  • Contents : Six types of chopsticks, five paper chopstick holders, wooden box.

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Hashikatsu Honten