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Chasaji Nashi Gata - Tea Scoop

Chasaji Nashi Gata - Tea Scoop

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Product No. : 07-460-01

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The Chasaji - the pear shaped tea scoop is a beautifully delicate utensil. Made of copper with a tin plated finish, the scoop will naturally change in colour over time and use. Changing from a light shiny silver to a deep rich silver.

Keep buried in the tea container or in your cutlery drawer with the others.

Tools, like a piece of jewellery enhance the beauty underneath. The little things are what make the biggest differences; in flavour, quality and in creating feelings of bliss and contentment.
Delicate and polished in old techniques, the Chasaji really is a piece of art - use it to create a healthier, more elegant tea making experience for your after yoga or before bed routine.
If you are having ladies over to tea - leave it out on its own cloth coaster. Wait for the remarks, the compliments, the sighs.

  • Material : copper (tin plated)
  • Size : W90 x D44 x H13mm
  • Weight : 22g

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