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Chiritori Harimi - Dustpan

Chiritori Harimi - Dustpan

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Product No. : 08-109-01

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This dustpan is made of paper. Completely hand made by artisans using washi (Japanese paper) coated with persimmon tannin. Dust collected in this dustpan will fall smoothly into the garbage can because it doesn’t produce static electricity.

By pressing the slightly curved edge of the dustpan onto the floor, the soft edge will flatten to invite all debris to be sweeped up. The opening width is 30 cm and is fit to be used with the Shuro broom.

Japanese tools are sometimes a rare vision of beauty. Delicate and detailed, perfect in their imperfections. Function and purpose of use is important to the craftsman but so is the journey of its use. What is the tools story and how should the user relate or use the product is as much a part of the creation as is the design and materials.

This dustpan is the color of autumn and like many of its peers is not a piece of necessity, but rather a tool of luxury.

  • Material : Paper, persimmon tannin, bamboo
  • Size : W295 × D275 × H100mm
  • Weight : 65g

  • Avoid getting the Harimi wet, which will result in washing off of the tannin coating.

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Shirokiya Denbei

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