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Fukin - Dish Cloth 3pcs set

Fukin - Dish Cloth 3pcs set

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Product No. : 07-142-01

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The Fukin - Dish Cloth 3pcs set is manufactured by Nakagawa Masamichi Shoten with a history of over 300 years in Nara prefecture of south Japan. It is made from 8 layers of mosquito net fabric with texture like firm cotton gauze. The interwoven rayon makes these cloths easy to wring, they dry quickly and because of this, are resistant to odors.

Highly versatile, when new they can be used as dishcloths for drying dishes and cutlery, next as a table top wiper and when it is worn as a cleaning cloth for wooden floors.

A permanent solution is hard to find. We all hate kitchen towels that smell, no matter how often we wash or use special soap and softener. The secret here is in the materials and the techniques used in its creation.
For the environment these Fukin are ideal, as they are so versatile and practical. Forget plastic platters or paper plates - fold out a cloth to place cupcakes and brownies out, or for freshly baked pies and breads. 
An elegant, eco friendly solution.

  • Material : 50% cotton, 50% rayon
  • Size : W300 x H340mm
  • Weight : 48g (16g per cloth)
  • Contents : 3 dish cloths per package

  • the cloth is starched and stiff at first. With use it it will become soft and easy to wring.

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