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Sasara - Brush

Sasara - Brush

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Product No. : 08-108-01

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The Sasara - brush is made of soft bending but firm strands of palm fiber wound together tightly from start to finish with a single copper wire using a technique called “Tsuzuri”. Unlike the tawashi which rakes out dirt with each of the fibers, the Sasara with its fibers wound together in the same direction, creates a cleaning surface suitable for cleaning Teflon coated frypans and pots.

It is used for cleaning pots, pans, kitchen surfaces, other tools and bowls.

The shuro is a tree from the palm family. It has always been part of everyday life in Japan and shuro brooms and brushes have been around since the Edo period and were a standard piece of equipment in traditional Japanese kitchens. The brush is effective and durable. Simple to use and clean.
It adds a natural warmth to your modern kitchen. Tradition and contemporary.

  • Material : hemp palm, brass
  • Size : W25 x D25 x H110mm
  • Weight : 26g
  • Contents : 1 brush (other types in photo not included)

  • Scrub lightly not using too much force to prolong life.
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive compounds.

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