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Sumikko - Corner Brush

Sumikko - Corner Brush

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Product No. : 08-108-03

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The Sumikko - corner brush is made of soft bending but firm strands of palm fiber wound together tightly from start to finish with a single copper wire using a technique called “Tsuzuri”.

Strong but gentle in cleaning. Ideal for cleaning pots and pans with grooves, or hard to reach crevices.
Equally useful for your desk, computers keyboards, piano keys, and other detailed and cluttered work spaces.

Add a warm, artistic touch to your modern office, Kitchen or foyer with the delicate corner brush.

You appreciate practical tools, but you also understand character and charm are important. Consider both the necessities of your work space and also the aesthetics. Sometimes we deserve something just for the look of it. 
Balance is in the details.

  • Material : hemp palm, brass
  • Size : W15 x D15 x H110mm
  • Weight : 6g
  • Contents : 1 brush (other types in photo not included)

  • Do not use bleach or abrasive compounds.

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