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Tawashi - Scrubbing Brush (medium)

Tawashi - Scrubbing Brush (medium)

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Product No. : 08-107-02

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The Tawashi - Scrubbing Brush (medium) is a natural sponge made from the fiber of hemp palm tree bark of Wakayama prefecture in Aridagawa cho. Through intricate processing the bark is made into fibers which are then bundled together tightly one by one with brass strips by experienced craftsmen.

The texture is soft but durable enough to be firmly used in scraping away dirt. Although dense the fibers dry quickly, leaving it resistant to mould and other rot. Highly versatile, it can be used to wash dishes, produce like potatoes, carrots and turnips as well as shelves, table tops, buckets, bins and other furniture. The sponges are also used as body scrubbers to massage the body.

Tawashi have been used traditionally in Japan for everything from scrubbing vegetables to washing dishes, glassware, pots and even shirt collars. Its easy grasp and is gentle enough to handle the untreated and delicate items around your home.
Natural, trendy, durable.

  • Material : hemp palm, brass, silk
  • Size : W83 x D45 x H105mm
  • Weight : 46g
  • Contents : 1 brush (other sizes in photo not included)

  • Scrub lightly not using too much force to prolong life.
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive compounds.

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