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Eda Sukashi - Branch Thinner

Eda Sukashi - Branch Thinner

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Product No. : 03-067-01

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The Eda Sukashi - branch thinner is made of carbon steel in a traditional style that is specific to Japan. The long, slender shears are particularly suited for overgrown or hard to reach pruning work. Ideal for delicate or miniature potted plants and trees like “bonsai”.

The contrast between the black finish and the polished blade is simple but beautiful. While the design is all practical the modeling of details make this a durable tool representing the commitment to quality by the Japanese craftsman.

There is 1,000 years of history behind the creation of Bonzai with Eda Sukashi being the preferred shears for this. Were they designed specifically for the dainty bonsai? How many years have the masters of Zen gardening been using Sukashi? we can’t be sure, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. Exquisite. delicate. miniature.

  • Material : carbon steel
  • Size : L210mm
  • Weight : 180g

  • To keep the tool from rusting, wash with warm water, dry thoroughly before putting away.
  • 2-3 times a year rub distilled oil on surface of steel.

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