Shoku - Dining

Japan’s culinary culture uses fresh ingredients native to Japan, making healthy and balanced meals consisting of rice, soup, one main dish and two side dishes formally called 'Ichijyu Sansai'. Dishes depict the beauty of nature and the seasons and are often deeply connected with Japanese annual events such as Shogatsu (New Years).

Japanese cuisine takes a hands-off approach to its ingredients, using cooking techniques that respect and focus on the natural flavors of ingredients; it is often described as “cooking by subtraction.” As with servers, bowls, chopsticks and rice bins, structure and design bring out the characteristics of natural materials. The very words and actions such as “itadakimasu” and “mottainai” that take place in daily life are said to include “the social custom that embodies the Japanese spirit of respecting nature” and is now receiving attention as part of the culinary education.