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Kome Togi Oke - Rice Washing Container

Kome Togi Oke - Rice Washing Container

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The Kome Togi Oke - rice washing container is made only from precious straight grain wood of Kiso Sawara trees that are over 100 years old. The natural resistance of the Sawara wood surface makes rice washing efficient. The flat bottom and even level of the bowl allows for easy rice washing - and less breaking of the rice grains. The slanted edges of the bowl makes it easier for you to hook your fingers on the edge to hold the bowl full of water and to ensure fewer rice grains fall through when draining water during rinsing.

The Kome Togi Oke can be used not only for washing rice but also as a bowl for washing vegetables and other produce and to keep them chilled. The Nakajiki made as an option for the Kome Togi Oke can be used for efficient chilling.

Kiso Sawara wood is characterised by its superior resistance to water and acid, and due to the tight and sturdy wood grains, it lasts a lifetime with careful use.

Today I washed the grains carefully in the Kome Togi Oke, I watched the water turn milky white and swirled the rice around. I could smell the fragrance of the cypress bowl.
Today my family sat down to dinner, a steaming, luminescent bowl of rice in front of them.
We spoke of our summer on grandfathers farm in Akita, last year. Of rising with the sun to harvest rice, pick vegetables and water the fields. Home made meals, handmade tools, countryside fresh air. 
“The rice is the most sacred part of the meal” My grandfather used to say.

  • Material : Sawara cypress, copper
  • Size : W240 x H120mm
  • Weight : 437g
  • Contents : One rice washing container (does not include inner base in photo)

  • Dry thoroughly after washing, store in a dry space.

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