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Mizusawa Ubaguchi Tetsubin 1Litre - Iron Kettle

Mizusawa Ubaguchi Tetsubin 1Litre - Iron Kettle

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The Mizusawa Ubaguchi Tetsubin - iron kettle is made in the birthplace of Japans’ iron and steel casting. Mizusawa, Iwate prefecture. Matte black is a signature colour and look. This is produced by the high temperatures of the forge.

The water boiled in this kettle suppresses the smell of chlorine in tap water and also contains iron absorbable by the body. The water flavour becomes smooth and rich.

Cooking in iron pots and pans is linked to preventing anemia. Traditional iron kettles infuse the water with added nutrients.

What is your morning routine? Tea? coffee? Hot water with lemon?
The steel kettle is another practical tool that you will wonder how you ever got along without. The colour is so deep, strong like ancient armour. The contrast it sets in your kitchen between ancient and contemporary turns your morning from on-the-go-rush. To a moment of peace before you start the day.
Relish the minerals, the scent of iron and let it strengthen your day.
A moment of Zen - Breathe. Exhale. Breathe in again.

  • Material : cast iron
  • Size : W141 x H89mm, 1000ml
  • Weight : 1565g
  • Notes : Not suitable for induction cooktops.

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