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Nakajiki - Inner Base for Kome Togi Oke

Nakajiki - Inner Base for Kome Togi Oke

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The Nakajiki - is a round inner base made of cypress wood to be placed in the centre of the Kome Togi Oke, traditional rice washing bowl so that it can be used as an ice pail.

Simply, place ice on top of the Nakajiki placed at the bottom of the bowl. The water melting from the ice will run through and accumulate under the inner base making the ice last longer which enables the bowl to become a highly natural water cooler for ice, fruits and vegetables placed inside. The middle hole of the Nakajiki is also used to put your finger in it for easier lifting from the bowl.

The material Kiso Sawara wood used to make the Nakajiki is characterised by its superior resistance to water and acid, and due to the tight and sturdy wood grains, it lasts a lifetime with careful use.

Natural, cooling, fresh, Im feeling relaxed already.
This is for those back yard bbq’s where the sun is warm and the beers are cold. Your guests are in the patio mingling, chatting familiarly as you run back in, enjoying the compliments of the king sized prawns and grass fed beef sizzling on the grill. You smile, its time for your signature dish. You walk out holding the Kome Yogi Oke, its chilled contents -an assortment of cheeses, vegetable sticks, and fruit slices - simple yet gourmet. A glass of chardonnay anyone?

  • Material : Sawara cypress
  • Size : W207 x H25mm
  • Weight : 204g
  • Contents : One inner base (does not include rice washing container in photo)

  • Dry thoroughly after washing, store in a dry space.

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