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Ohitsu - Rice Server (3 cup size)

Ohitsu - Rice Server (3 cup size)

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Product No. : 07-468-02

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The Ohitsu is made of straight grain Kiso Sawara wood over 100 years old. Straight grain wood is characterised by its high water absorbing property (absorbs the excess water vapors that cooked rice emitt) and because Kiso Sawara itself is resistant to moisture, it can be used regularly for many years to come. It is used as a serving container with a cover for rice.

‘Go’ is a term used to measure uncooked rice. One Go is equal to about 150 grams of uncooked white rice. When cooked this equals about 340 grams. Sango means 3 cups of uncooked rice, when cooked this equals about 1020 grams of cooked rice. This Ohitsu holds Sango of rice which serves about 6 people with 160 grams per serving.

Serving rice with the Ohitsu is done so because its healthy, and so are you.
because its cool, and so are you.
Aesthetics, because you do care about your image, but you also care about your environment, and you appreciate life is about balance.
With rice, you know its about quality and image.

  • Material : Sawara cypress, copper
  • Size : W205 x H140mm
  • Weight : 472g
  • Contents : One rice server

  • Dry thoroughly after washing, store in a dry space.

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