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Senryobako - Toothpick Set

Senryobako - Toothpick Set

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Product No. : 07-474-01

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Rinsing the mouth with water three times after each meal is known as "Soko" and using a toothpick to purify the teeth after rinsing is regarded as important manners in the teachings of Buddism.

Saruya's toothpicks - carved by hand - one by one, are made of Kuromoji, a deciduous shrub of the camphor tree family with black spots on its bark. Characterized by its soft fresh scent, Kuromoji is also used as a natural fragrance for perfume, soap and cosmetics. The toothpick is strong against breaking and splintering because of its supple and flexible touch.

The Senryobako (box) brings good luck to it’s receivers. Often used as New Years greeting gifts.

Save time, frustration and look good. Even though this is their original design, toothpicks now, aren't just for after a meal. Many use on the fly- while thinking, or concentrating. 

Be sophisticated and give yourself the best quality.
Kuromoji wood is also an essential oil source in Japan. It has a crisp, yet floral fragrance similar to rosewood and has a balancing effect on emotions.

Quality. Authentic. Balance.

  • Material : Kuromoji wood, Paulownia wood (box)
  • Size : L60mm, Box size: W60 x H97 x D23mm
  • Weight : 34g
  • Contents : Approx 70 pcs per box

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