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Torizara Isubai - Sharing Plate 5pc set

Torizara Isubai - Sharing Plate 5pc set

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Product No. : 07-462-02

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The Torizara is a set of 5 small plates made of black clay and used in Japanese cuisine for families or groups when sharing larger dishes. Its simple design and moderate depth makes it easy to use with any dish. It is covered with a varnish containing the ashes of Isu trees to give it a grayish shine. Each one is hand made at the potters wheel.

The torizara is indispensable for Japanese traditional meals consisting of rice, soup, one main dish and two side dishes formally called “Ichijyu Sansai”.

To set up for a meal, place small dishes on place mats or trays or leave stacked plates along the table for your guests to use.

These dishes will change the way you enjoy your casual meals with friends and family. Smaller portions are easy when you use the torizara sakubai. The cuisine doesn't matter, the ambience it sets is what will impress you and your guests. Traditional, trendy, eco friendly, healthy. Set the meal with Zei no Ohashi to really set a scene. No regrets.

  • Material : black clay (sakubai coating)
  • Size : W120 x H42mm
  • Weight : 740g
  • Contents : 5 piece set (does not contain other color in photo)

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