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Furo Isu - Bath Chair

Furo Isu - Bath Chair

USD 83.60
Product No. : 08-041-01

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The Furo Isu is made from 200 year old Kiso Hinoki - Japanese Cypress. Polished smooth by the craftsman and left unpainted so the natural resin from the wood keeps it durable and increases its resistance to mould.

The smooth aromatic scent of the cypress wood is wonderfully apparent when bathing. As a tool it is practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The Hinoki bath chair is not only highly durable and water resistant, but also pleasingly fragrant. Its really incomparable to its plastic or porcelain counterparts. Works just as well as a stool for your bathroom or powder room as for the shower. 
Natural, healing and energising.

  • Material : Hinoki cypress
  • Size : W280 x D170 x H228mm
  • Weight : 1300g

  • Use frequently and let air dry.

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