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Green Tea Gift Set in a Box

Green Tea Gift Set in a Box

USD 141.00
Product No. : 04-020-03

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This Japanese green tea starter set contains the essential items needed to enjoy Japanese green tea in style. The white round tea canister contains 50 grams of Sencha loose tea leaves in a vacumn sealed aluminum pack. Open the tea package and pour the tea leaves into the canister for storing. Use the tea scoop to transfer the tea leaves into the traditional Japanese tea pot made of dark clay.
Take the time to relax and enjoy your tea.

Excellent with Sushi and other Japanese cuisines.

  • Material : 100% steamed green tea leaves
  • Size : (Box size) W266 x D143 x H88mm, tea leaves 50g
  • Weight : 535g
  • Contents : Steamed green tea, tea canister, teapot, tea scoop, brewing instructions, kiri wood box
  • Notes : 5g per serving (10 servings)

  • Store tea leaves in attached tea canister or air tight container, avoiding high temperatures and moistness. Keep away from strong smells.

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