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Handai Gogo - Rice Mixing Container

Handai Gogo - Rice Mixing Container

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Product No. : 07-467-01

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The Handai is made of straight grain Kiso Sawara wood. Straight grain wood is characterised by its high water absorbing property and because Kiso Sawara itself is resistant to moisture, when freshly cooked rice is put inside, this container will absorb the excess moisture and bring out the natural taste, sweetness and firmness of the rice grains. Due to its resistance to acid, it’s suitable for mixing vinegar with rice for sushi.

‘Go’ is a term used to measure uncooked rice. One Go is equal to about 150 grams of uncooked white rice. When cooked this equals about 340 grams. Gogo means 5 cups of uncooked rice, when cooked this equals about 1700 grams of cooked rice. This Handai holds 1700 grams of cooked rice.

The authentic Handai.
The Handai was made to prepare variations of rice dishes. For example, its used to mix in vinegar and create rice for sushi rolls. Use a hand fan to cool the rice in the Handai when you are making traditional Rice Balls or 'Onigiri'. 
For Girls Day in Japan 'Chirashi Zushi' is decoratively created and presented in the Handai.
Serving and preparing rice with the Handai is the authentic way. 
With rice, you know its about quality and image.

  • Material : Sawara cypress, copper
  • Size : W325 x H87mm
  • Weight : 694g
  • Contents : One mixing container (does not contain rice scoop in photo)

  • Dry thoroughly after washing, store in a dry space.

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