Hashikatsu Honten

Hashikatsu Honten

Hashikatsu is a quaint and rustic jewel of history, located in Tokyo’s iconic Akihabara streets. The shop can date its opening to 1910 and is the proud owner of the status “Official Chopstick maker to the Emperor”. Even to this day the royal family of Japan use only the finest chopsticks, made from the finest wood and carved by the finest craftsmen in the country -Hashikatsu. Over 150 varieties of the chopstick are created here.

Akasugi-Hakoiri Set - Quality Chopsticks Box Set

USD 352.00

Traditional chopsticks have been used from ancient times in Japan to add grace to the dishes served ...

  • 07-475-01

Rikyubashi Bara - Chopsitcks 100pc set

USD 52.80

The Rikyubashi chopsticks were the most basic and original form of disposable chopsticks. Made of Yo...

  • 07-473-01

Maruishi Shugata - Chopsticks Pair Set in a box

USD 30.80

The Maruishi Shugata - chopsticks pair set in a box are made of Yoshino red cedar. Carefully, each p...

  • 07-472-01

Maruishi Shubashi - Chopsitcks in a Box

USD 13.20

The Maruishi Shubashi - chopsticks in a box are made from the highest quality of Yoshino’s signature...

  • 07-471-01

Zei no Ohashi - Chopsticks 5 pair set

USD 12.32

The Zei no Ohashi - chopsticks 5 pair set are made of Yoshino’s red cedar and are of the highest qua...

  • 07-470-01