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Maru Haizara Chutetsu - Cast Iron Ashtray

Maru Haizara Chutetsu - Cast Iron Ashtray

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Product No. : 05-076-01
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This Maru Haizara, ashtray is made by the brand “Southern Iron” of Misuzawa, Iwate prefecture. The deep matte black is a signature colour and look produced by the high temperatures of the forge. Each ashtray is baked at 660 degrees, the finished product is boiled in a brew of tea tannin for the natural black glow then covered in beeswax to protect the surface.

The ashtray is a simple polished-smooth design, small in size but heavy in weight, the cast iron flat bottom makes it strong and sturdy. There is a slim pocket to rest your cigarette which is handy and because of its weight it doesn’t move easily when putting out your cigarette. It fits in the palm of your hand and with time and use, the rich texture unique to cast made products will become more apparent. It can also be used as a paperweight and container to store small miscellaneous desktop items.

Iron products from Misuzawa are heavy and glossy. The owner is a mystery, an artist, a thinker, a dreamer too; with a style that is one part damn cool and the other quiet sophistication. Mornings are for pour over coffees, and the evening, Yamazaki single malt whiskey - double, on the rocks.

The ashtray felt more like a piece of art than a necessity product. For those on the fence, I say “Do it, or don’t. Up to you - but if you do, do it with style.”

  • Material : cast iron, tea tannin, beeswax
  • Size : W80 x H50mm
  • Weight : 875g

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