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  5. Jundo Oroshigane #5 - Grater

Jundo Oroshigane #5 - Grater

Jundo Oroshigane #5 - Grater

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Product No. : 07-067-01

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The Jundo Oroshigane - grater is handmade from copper with tinplating using handmade traditional techniques. The grates will withstand use for up to 10 years and can be re-toothed. Copper with its moderate hardness and resistance to moisture has been considered the best material to make graters since the Edo Period in Japan.

The front side has coarse teeth perfect for grating apples, white raddish, yam and bigger vegetables. The back side is a fine grate for wasabi, ginger, garlic and other condiments.

For shredding, paste and sauce making, grating or making dressing. One of the most versatile and popular kitchen tools. Used for everything from wasabi and horseradish to garlic or parmesan. Its the functionality we really appreciate in this grater.
Delicate, fashionable, petite and durable.

  • Material : copper (tin plated)
  • Size : W115 x D210 x H10mm
  • Weight : 320g

  • After use, wash with water, pat dry using a clean dry cloth.
  • Use a toothbrush to remove remaining vegetable fibers.

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