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Katate Kumi Oke - One Handed Bath Bucket

Katate Kumi Oke - One Handed Bath Bucket

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Product No. : 08-040-01

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The Katate Kumi Oke - one handed bath bucket is made of 200 year old “Kiso Hinoki”, polished smooth and left un painted or varnished with copper bands lining the outside of the bucket. Its natural resin keeps it durable, and increases its resistance to mould.

The Japanese Cypress is a strong aromatic wood that is also characterised by its high resistance to water absorption. For a Japanese aromatic bathing experience simply place bucket in shower, or next to bath - use frequently and let air dry. Can be towel dried occasionally as an alternative.

Cypress oil has a calming and soothing effect on the nerves. Tools made from Cypress wood hold the same properties and as such are used for many of Japan's bath products including the traditional bathtubs themselves. The one handed bucket is convenience and luxury in your home. Use in general to splash the body, or more specifically when applying face masks, or hair masks. Reliable, relaxing, and energising.

  • Material : Hinoki cypress, copper
  • Size : W150 x D160 x H243mm
  • Weight : 294g

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