Kiya - a cutlery store, was established in April of the forth year of Kansei (1792). Patronized by the Shogun and Daimyo families of the period, Kiya is a brand that has prospered with a long and distinguished history. With the main focus on cutlery, Kiya provides a variety of household equipment.

Eda Sukashi - Branch Thinner

USD 61.50

The Eda Sukashi - branch thinner is made of carbon steel in a traditional style that is specific to ...

  • 03-067-01

Seika Hasami Koryu - Pruning Shears

USD 56.15

The Seika Hasami Koryu - pruning shears are classic flower shears, made of carbon steel, in a tradit...

  • 03-068-01

Jundo Oroshigane #5 - Grater

USD 64.17

The Jundo Oroshigane - grater is handmade from copper with tinplating using handmade traditional tec...

  • 07-067-01