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Komebitsu - Rice Storage Box (10kg)

Komebitsu - Rice Storage Box (10kg)

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Product No. : 07-465-01

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This rice storage box is made from solid Kiri wood without the use of nails or metal hardware. The wide opening is provided by high precision made sliding doors. This makes it easy to scoop rice from the box and it shuts tightly to shield the rice from the external air. The sliding opening can be removed to place different types of rice in separate bags and for internal cleaning when necessary.

Kiri (paulownia) wood has been used in Japan from ancient times to store precious items. Kiri contains tannin, sesamin and pauromin which provides antiseptic and insect repellent effects. The porous fibers make it extremely light weight and absorbs excess moisture. The natural born qualities of Kiri wood will protect rice from insects, mold and moisture.

Two sizes 5Kg and 10Kg available. Both include small box to scoop rice.

Rice is the food of the gods say the ancient Japanese. And even to this day, it is considered rude to leave behind even a grain on your plate. Children in school are taught how to clean their plate by picking up the last grain with their chopsticks.

Rice should be stored in an airtight container. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in the original bag, even if you tie it shut with a rubber band. In the old days, rice could be stored at room temperature, but the grains today tend to be softer and spoil more easily, and care must be taken in how they are stored. Proper storage is essential for maintaining flavor. Rice that isn’t put away properly will gradually dry out and harden.

It is no wonder that the wood used to store rice and keep it fresh is the same wood used to make compartments for storing precious jewels.
In your cupboard or out on the counter – the Komebitsu is a joy to have and use, and an added comfort to know its natural qualities will keep the bugs away.

  • Material : Hinoki cypress
  • Size : W300 x D240 x H270mm
  • Weight : 1150g
  • Contents : One rice storage box, one rice scoop box (does not include brown rice in photo)

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