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Manaita - Cutting Board (large)

Manaita - Cutting Board (large)

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Product No. : 07-144-01

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The Manaita - cutting board is a single slab board created from the Cypress trees from one of Japan’s three most beautiful forests. The grain of the wood and its texture are well suited for even cutting and easy water drainage. It is easy to use and comes in two sizes. It is the same wood used to build Japans temples pillars and as such its value is incomparable.

Each board is 30mm in depth, sturdy and will not warp even after repeated absorption and drying of water. If scratched or nicked during use, gently sand down the damaged area and continue to use.

First Impressions are important, and my very first reaction to holding the Manaita cutting board was a smile and sigh. I ran my hand over the clean and smooth surface . I felt genuinely relaxed and happy, I was excited to begin cutting/cooking with this board.
The thick surface kept the food I was preparing to eat separate from the discarded parts and peels.

The wood scent was subtle but gave a fresh feeling to my time in the kitchen. To me it’s important to have tools that are both hygenic and comfortable to use. I prefer the large board for vegetables, meats and fish but also found the small size perfect for herbs like basil, parsley and coriander. As well as for preparing root vegetables like garlic, ginger and radish garnishes.

  • Material : Japanese cypress (solid)
  • Size : W420 x D30 x H230mm
  • Weight : 1150g
  • Contents : One (1) cutting board

  • Avoid excessive dryness.
  • Dry completely, before storing.

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