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Maru Kyusu Yokote - Teapot

Maru Kyusu Yokote - Teapot

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Product No. : 07-456-01

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The Maru Kyushu Yokote teapot is made of dark clay. The Teapot is left un varnished and without a glaze to bring out the characteristics of the clay itself. This unrefined look is well known and part of its aesthetically pleasing and practical appeal. The natural shine brought on over use and time can be enjoyed. This petite teapot brews tea for 1 to 2 persons.

A leaf strainer made from the same clay is attached at the base of the spout. This allows the leaves space to disperse the flavour evenly and richly. The lid is matched perfectly to the pot opening making it and easy to use and leak proof.  Handle and spout are carefully angled to naturally fit your hand.

For the intimate tea time; just you and your best friend. For catching up with mom or spending time with your daughter. The petite teapot is fashionable, trendy and artistic. 
You are not in a rush, you are relaxed, you have time - and you have the good kind of friends and family.
Enjoy slowly.

  • Material : clay
  • Size : W145 x D110 x H83mm, 225ml
  • Weight : 140g

  • Rinse out tea leaves with water after each use.

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