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Maruishi Shubashi - Chopsitcks in a Box

Maruishi Shubashi - Chopsitcks in a Box

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Product No. : 07-471-01

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The Maruishi Shubashi - chopsticks in a box are made from the highest quality of Yoshino’s signature red cedar - the trunk center. Strong and supple with a clearly recognisable wood grain they are made to fit the hand form snugly and provide smooth, easy use. The chopsticks bring along to each bite the subtlest scent of cedar.

As a farming nation, Japanese greatly revere their land and sea. They respect the elements of nature and what it brings them. When celebrating at the harvest festival, these chopsticks represent the cooperation between man and divinity. It is not merely an instrument for eating but a sacred tool connecting them to the Gods.

As a gift for your brothers 5th or your parents 60th anniversary. For your college graduate, niece or your uncles 50th birthday. Chopsticks in a box are simply one-of-a-kind. Traditional, practical and simple. 
For the no nonsense type, for the variety-is-the-spice-of-life type, for the order in 3x a week and try a new dish or cuisine 3x a week type. You love quality food and your not afraid to try something new.
Your cutlery drawer will have chopsticks, just as your cupboards sport mason jars, glass and wooden bowls. 
For the eco- friendly and environmentally conscious type. You know whats what.

  • Material : Yoshino cedar
  • Size : W40 x D16 x H260mm, L24cm
  • Weight : 6g
  • Contents : One 24cm chopsticks in a box

  • You can use it for about a year.
  • Hand wash, use soft sponge, and organic soap.
  • To ensure its natural color, refrain from using with strong, dark sauces or dishes of powerful coloring.
    (There is possibility of color transfer. )

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