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  5. Maruishi Shugata - Chopsticks Pair Set in a box

Maruishi Shugata - Chopsticks Pair Set in a box

Maruishi Shugata - Chopsticks Pair Set in a box

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Product No. : 07-472-01

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The Maruishi Shugata - chopsticks pair set in a box are made of Yoshino red cedar. Carefully, each pair is hand carved and sanded to create the signature rounded ends of these particular chopsticks. The centre wood of Yoshino red cedar has a beautiful clear grain and this shows up differently in each chopstick.

Made of very high quality wood, each pair set is one of a kind - a true original. The sets come in a box with combination sizes of 26cm and 24cm. In Japan, this set called “Meoto Bashi” is often used as gifts to married couples.

You meet a beautiful stranger in Tokyo. Take long walks through the temples of Kamakura. Watch the sun set off Enoshima island. You walk by moonlight underneath the dragon statue - an eternal guard of new love. 
You look, you think, “This is perfect - You’re perfect”. 
Authenticity in romance is hard to find these days. Chocolates can say you're sweet and spicy. Roses say lm falling for you. Lilies say you're beautiful. 
But you are looking for that extra special gift. That gift that says it all. That gift that says in more than words. A perfect match.

  • Material : Yoshino cedar
  • Size : W72 x D16 x H275mm
  • Weight : 14g
  • Contents : One 26cm chopsticks, one 24cm chopsticks, 2 toothpicks, box

  • You can use it for about a year.
  • Hand wash, use soft sponge, and organic soap.
  • To ensure its natural color, refrain from using with strong, dark sauces or dishes of powerful coloring.
    (There is possibility of color transfer. )

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Hashikatsu Honten

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