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Miyajima Nanasun - Rice Scoop

Miyajima Nanasun - Rice Scoop

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Product No. : 07-466-01

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The Miyajima rice scoop is made from Azusa wood, characterised by its beautiful straight grain and hard texture. It is smooth as silk to the touch and is left unpainted or varnished. After the form is cut craftsman hand sand and refine the tool, polishing it to a shine. The graceful design from the flat scoop surface to the handle has remained unchanged since ancient times.

The rice scoop is made and named after Miyajima “Autumn country” (former name, Hiroshima) famous for its Itsukushima shrines.

To use, immerse in water before and between serving to avoid rice sticking to the scoop.

Using the Miyajima Nanasun to serve rice is practical and authentic. It shows you appreciate the experience and way of doing things. It is a functional yet unique tool, its healthier, its in balance with the moment. It feels like silk in your hand - and we know, for Zen, when it comes to rice, its always about quality and image. The Miyajima Nanasun is a tool that once you start using, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • Material : Japanese cherry birch (Azusa)
  • Size : W210 x H63mm
  • Weight : 40g
  • Contents : One rice scoop (does not contain rice mixing container in photo)
  • Notes : Not dishwasher safe.

  • Dry thoroughly after washing, store in a dry space.

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