Serene and peaceful moments

Free yourself from daily routine. Be still. Pause to appreciate the fragrance of tea. "MU", moments of peaceful and clear time will emerge. To welcome with tea. The heart and soul of Japan.

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Mucha Kucha - Sencha & Hojicha 6 pack set

USD 84.48

This 6 pack value set contains 3 Sencha and 3 Hojicha tea boxes (also available in single packs). Sh...

  • 04-020-04

Green Tea Gift Set in a Box

USD 132.00

This Japanese green tea starter set contains the essential items needed to enjoy Japanese green tea ...

  • 04-020-03

Kucha - Hojicha (roasted green tea)

USD 15.84

The rich pleasant smell of fresh tea leaves roasted over strong heat characterizes this Hojicha. A r...

  • 04-020-02

Mucha - Sencha (steamed green tea)

USD 15.84

Green tea leaves nurtured by the blessings of the sun and earth, surrounded by the rich greens of Ka...

  • 04-020-01