Nihonbashi Saruya

Nihonbashi Saruya

Established in the first year of Hoei (1704), Saruya continues to this day as the sole maker and manufacturer of toothpicks, only toothpicks. In the past it was said that they also sold cosmetics and small items like face powder and hair cords. The ukiyoe artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa of the late Edo period, depicted Saruya in his art as a sundries' store during that period.

For over 300 years, Saruya continues to manufacture toothpicks as delicate forks for traditional Japanese sweets and for gifts in special boxes made of paulownia wood. Each is hand carved - one by one using Kuromoji wood characterized by its soft fragrance when broken into two pieces.

Senryobako - Toothpick Set

USD 6.16

Rinsing the mouth with water three times after each meal is known as "Soko" and using a toothpick to...

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