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Oshiki Mokuji - Square Tray (non treated)

Oshiki Mokuji - Square Tray (non treated)

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Product No. : 07-143-01

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The Oshiki - square tray with an edge was designed as a platter to experience the delicious Japanese multi-course cuisine. Crafted with care to present dishes necessary for a balanced diet and aesthetic meal. Trays are made from oak and designed to be easy to stack, carry and set out. The lighter beige trays have been left untreated so that the texture of natural wood and the freshness of the wood grains could be enjoyed. The edges of the tray which have been carved by craftsmen, are smooth to the touch and can be easily wiped clean.

The origin of the name Oshiki comes from “fold and lay” from ancient times and before wood, when tree leaves were used as plates and food holders. The Japanese first began to fashion wooden trays for use during Shinto ceremonies and rituals.

To use as a place mat, simply set table with trays as you would cloth mats and place either filled or empty dishes on top, depending on the occasion. Cutlery and glasses my be placed around or next to trays.

Its not just about the ingredients - its also about presentation.
Touch up your dinner party for two or ten, with the aromatic cypress meal tray.
Be posh about it, you deserve it. Be cool, everyone is impressed by the ambience.
Be authentic, the tradition dates back generations.
The untreated cypress fragrance is delicate and light - try it with a soy sauce butter sautéed scallop dish alongside a chilled Riesling.

  • Material : Japanese oak (untreated)
  • Size : W300 x D270 x H13mm
  • Weight : 600g
  • Contents : One tray

  • With long term use warping can occur, to maintain, wipe with warm cloth and store in dry place.

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