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Otehaki - table brush and dustpan

Otehaki - table brush and dustpan

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Product No. : 08-106-01

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A petite brush and dustpan set. The brush is made from the fiber extracted from the leaves of a plant called Paquin also called Mexican fiber. The strength of brushes made of Paquin fiber gives these brushes outstanding brushing effects. The edge of the dustpan is made from the straight grains of Akita cedar which doesn’t warp easily so you can get every piece of debris off the surface. The dustpan is made by the delicate technique called ‘Edo sashimono’ woodworking joints made by combining different wood pieces without the use of nails.

Just the right size to sweep up dust and debris from desk tops and to clean bread crumbs off your dining table. By passing the brush cord through the hole in the dustpan, you can hang both the brush and dustpan on a hook.

Something lovely about Japanese tools, something unique about Japanese traditonal tools is the made to fit all sizes attitude, when it comes to design and manufacturing. The function is importatnt to the craftsman but the society needed a story, a delicate and moving reason behind everything. The Japanese are great thinkers and greatly focused on details. It’s all about the little details. In the small spaces they seek perfection.

This miniature broom and dustpan is absolutley adorable for a clean and tidy desk, table or countertop. Its not a necessity, it’s a luxury.

  • Material : Akita cedar, paquin, stainless steel, silk
  • Size : Dustpan: W127 x D33 x H114mm Brush: W90 x D18 x H125mm
  • Weight : 66g
  • Contents : One brush, one dustpan

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