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Rikyubashi Bara - Chopsitcks 100pc set

Rikyubashi Bara - Chopsitcks 100pc set

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Product No. : 07-473-01

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The Rikyubashi chopsticks were the most basic and original form of disposable chopsticks. Made of Yoshino cedar, they are recognised by their standard middle section while the ends were both tapered. The significance of this is spiritual and ancient. The tapered ends signify the connection between God and the man or woman using the chopsticks. The wood grain also represents oneness with the universe.

Now, these Rikyubashi chopsticks are quite rare to find in use. They were originally designed by and named after Sen no Rikyu, the famed tea master of the Momoyama period. Traditionally only very few guests were ever invited so that on the very morning of said tea ceremony Sen no Rikyu would carve the exact amount of chopsticks per guests in attendance.

Dyed white grain Yoshino cedar with the same beautiful wood grains but slightly less expensive than red grain is used to achieve reasonable pricing. Good for parties and restaurants, for serving many guests.

You know how to throw a party, you know its the little details that make the experience special. As a business owner, your shop specialises in this. Its why you have an A guest list and a reservations list months long. You know who is visiting tonight. The magazines know who is visiting tonight and whats on your menu. Don’t be modest, to be trendy AND authentic is not easily done. It’s easy for for you. You know history, you respect tradition. You only serve your dishes with Yoshino Red Cedar. Thats why Gael Greene knows whats on your menu.

  • Material : Yoshino cedar
  • Size : W142 x D53 x H260mm
  • Weight : 578g
  • Contents : 100pcs 26cm chopsticks

  • You can use it for about a year.
  • Hand wash, use soft sponge, and organic soap.
  • To ensure its natural color, refrain from using with strong, dark sauces or dishes of powerful coloring.
    (There is possibility of color transfer. )

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