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Sasara Hoso - Thin Brush

Sasara Hoso - Thin Brush

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Product No. : 08-108-02

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The Sasara - thin brush is made of soft bending but firm strands of palm fiber wound together tightly from start to finish with a single copper wire using a technique called “Tsuzuri”. Unlike the tawashi which rakes out dirt with each of the fibers, the Sasara with its fibers wound together in the same direction, creates a cleaning surface suitable for cleaning teflon coated frypans and pots.

It is used for cleaning pots, pans, kitchen surfaces, other tools and bowls. Particularly effective on areas with tiny indents or corners from which dirt needs to be removed.

The shuro is a tree in the palm family, native to Kyushu that has a fibrous bark. Used to make ropes and brushes, it has always been part of everyday life in Japan and shuro brooms and brushes have been around since the Edo period. Effective and durable. Simple to use and clean. Is also a spectacular decorative piece.

  • Material : hemp palm, brass
  • Size : W10 x D10 x H105mm
  • Weight : 8g
  • Contents : 1 brush (other types in photo not included)

  • Scrub lightly not using too much force to prolong life.
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive compounds.

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