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Shodo - Japanese calligraphy art (kiwami - extreme)

Shodo - Japanese calligraphy art (kiwami - extreme)

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Product No. : 05-372-05

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KIWAMI : ultimate, supreme, extreme.

The farthest point, where there is no going further. Supreme. The state where the ultimate limit is reached by doing the utmost. The word “Gokudo” in Buddhism means a person who had mastered the way of Buddhisim and was used in a positive manner to indicate a high priest. “Gokurakujodo” is the name of paradise, the goal reached, by attaining enlightenment. In this spacious place, there is only comfort, the mind and body is freed of all suffering. A world full of happiness.

“SHO” in a frame. A single Kanji character conveys a special feeling and meaning aside from it’s literal definition. In Japan “SHODO” is the art of appreciating the character as a whole, in form and spirit. Handwritten using sumi ink and beautiful brush strokes, the “SHO” is placed in a simple frame. Fits all modern interiors.

About the artist:
Having studied under Japan’s master calligrapher for over 20 years, she has received many awards in the field. She supervises and teaches her students the beauty and spirit within Sho.

The framed calligraphy art in this collection is hand written one by one after receiving your order.
Please note that it may take up to two weeks from order to shipping.

  • Material : washi paper, sumi ink, Frame: wood, acrylic
  • Size : W222 x D24 x H338mm
  • Weight : 965g

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