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Shuro no Hoki - Broom

Shuro no Hoki - Broom

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The Shuro no Hoki - broom is made from mesh like sheets of the hemp palm tree.  The bark sheets are rolled together to produce a delicate mop looking shape and then layered over with copper strips. Sometimes a long bamboo handle is attached. Dark coffee-brown in color and soft as feathers to touch.

The hemp palm of Japan is a nationally acclaimed “precious resource” of the islands that is largely no longer available or harvested in Japan. The Shuro brooms of Shirokiya Denbei are made by craftmen in the Kainan area of Wakayama prefecture.  These are the few craftsmen with stock of the hemp palm still left and that are capable of creating these brooms.  Shirokiya Denbei brooms are sold as a Pure, Made In Japan brand.

Today, both the skill of the craftsman and the raw material are in high demand.

To use the Shuro no Hoki is to toil effortlessly, the needle thin bristles catch dirt and dust with very little exertion from its user. The natural oils excreted from the palm bristles acts as a wax and leaves your floor surface smooth and glossy. The broom is also highly resistant to water and moisture. One broom lasts between 15-20 years. It is said that you need only 3 of the Shuro no Hoki in a lifetime.

Its autumn and the leaves fall in bright colours outside. The old craftsman is in his shed. Twisting fibers and uncoiling copper wiring. Three finished brooms hang against the aged whitewashed wall, two more lie half finished or just begun at his feet. The one in his hand is almost complete. His hands glisten slightly as the sun rays catch the palm oil - he has been at it all day, enjoying his work. He swings the broom around in giant arc’s checking its balance, he holds it up, then down then parallel to the floor. He balances it on his knee. He searches the braided bands of bark fibers- ensuring each one is in place. He smiles and grunts - satisfied.
Only 5 for the market this year - so rare is the mateiral.
One for his granddaughter - a wedding gift. “Three brooms for a life time they say.”
Beautiful. Balanced. Rare.

  • Material : hemp palm, bamboo, copper wire
  • Size : L740mm
  • Weight : 240g

  • When you first start to use, a fine brown powder will fall from the bristles. This will last 3-6 months. This powder is not toxic and the bristles easily sweep it up with the rest of the house dust.
  • The bristles may also bend to pressre. To straighten the bristles, use water and spray with a fine mist. Then use hands to straighten, reshape the broom.
  • Trim periodically to keep the bristle even and in top condition. A typical broom will last 5-7 years after which in its shortened length, it can be used outside for sweeping driveways, cement and concrete for a further 4-6 years giving each broom an average useful lifetime of 10 years.
  • Not effective on carpets.

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