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Tisshu no Hako - Tissue Box

Tisshu no Hako - Tissue Box

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Product No. : 05-329-01
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The Tisshu no Hako - tissue box is made from Kiso Hinoki- cypress wood, is re fillable and is left unpainted to allow the cypress scent to permeate the delicate tissue papers. The surface is smooth as silk to touch.

The traditional Japanese technique of building without nails or screws is seen here in miniature. You will find similar building styles in temples, pagodas and in furniture - such as drawers or desks.

A miniature piece of Japanese architectural art. The cypress wooden tissue box is glorious to touch and simple in design. A stand alone piece for your table top or hallway shelf. Its subtle impact to the room is evident in the way it accentuates neighbouring objects. For natural, relaxing and fragrant tissue.
Elegant and practical.

  • Material : Hinoki cypress
  • Size : W257 x D132 x H85mm
  • Weight : 290g
  • Contents : Does not contain tissue paper.

  • Natural solid wood undergoes repeated expansion and contraction as it absorbs water and dries.
  • Avoid use in areas of high humidity like bathrooms and sinks and use under direct exposure to sunlight which may cause cracking and warping.
  • To maintain, wipe regularly with a dry or tightly wrung damp cloth.

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