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Wasabiyama - soy sauce dish for wasabi

Wasabiyama - soy sauce dish for wasabi

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Product No. : 07-635-01

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The Wasabiyama - soy sauce dish was designed for wasabi lovers. To the Edokko (Japanese of the Tokyo area) the proper way to have wasabi is not mixed into the soy sauce but rather placed separately and put on the sashimi or sushi which is then dipped into the soy sauce before eating. To make this happen, a volcano with a creater was placed at the center of the dish warning users that too much use of wasabi placed on the crater will result in an eruption in their mouths.

The whiteness of this dish is derived from the natural white color of the clay covered in a transparent glaze then baked. This dish is easy to wash, dishwasher safe and stackable.

  • Material : white porcelain
  • Size : W110 x H33.5mm
  • Weight : 105g

  • Place wasabi on the crater of the mountain and pour soy sauce around it.

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