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Yu Oke - Wooden Bucket

Yu Oke - Wooden Bucket

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Product No. : 08-039-01

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The Yu Oke - wooden bucket is made of 200 year old “Kiso Hinoki”, polished smooth and left un painted or varnished.  Copper bands line the outside of the bucket, its natural resin keeps it durable and increases its resistance to mould.

The Japanese Cypress is a strong aromatic wood that is also characterised by its high resistance to water absorption.

Use frequently and let air dry, though it can be towel dried occasionally as an alternative.

Its been a long day and you're tired, you would light the aroma oils and meditate but you haven't the patience or time. Instead you draw a bath, you light a few candles and you soak up the scents of Kiso Hinoki. The strong aromatic wood- signature fragrance of the Japanese hot spring goes to work and de-stresses your mind.
To have in your own home is a luxury you can afford, you can appreciate and most importantly you can rely on.

  • Material : Hinoki cypress, copper
  • Size : W240 x H115mm
  • Weight : 490g

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