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Zei no Ohashi - Chopsticks 5 pair set

Zei no Ohashi - Chopsticks 5 pair set

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The Zei no Ohashi - chopsticks 5 pair set are made of Yoshino’s red cedar and are of the highest quality. Like their brothers Rikyubashi chopsticks these are of the same most basic and original design. Also recognised by their standard middle section while the ends were both tapered. The significance of this is spiritual and ancient. The tapered ends signify the connection between God and the man or woman using the chopsticks. The wood grain also represents oneness with the universe.

Now, these Rikyubashi chopsticks are quite rare to find in use. They were originally designed by and named after Sen no Rikyu, the famed tea master of the Momoyama period. Traditionally only very few guests were ever invited so that on the very morning of said tea ceremony Sen no Rikyu would carve the exact amount of chopsticks per guests in attendance.

The Zei no Ohashi chopstick set also contain 5 chopstick holders. One prefolded paper holder and 4 pieces of paper for you to fold. The chopsticks are put into the holders and placed on your table on special occasions. The Japanese start the first day of a new year with variations of this type.

Traditional Japanese craftsmen have connected the traditions of simplicity, elegance, and harmony to the everyday meal. Whether you use chopsticks daily or only at special occasions is up to you. The experience changes when you know the origins and historical trivia of the humble chopstick.
In Japan, since ancient times, chopsticks have been used in such sacred rituals as tea ceremonies, weddings, births and funerals - all sacred rituals or celebrations.
Even the wood colouring has merit. “Aka ma saki” is closer to the trees center and “Haku ma saki” is the part of wood near its bark. The grain, the texture and even the flavour are affected by these differences.
Why chopsticks?
Because its healthy, because its meaningful, because its sophisticated - and so are you.

  • Material : Yoshino cedar, paper
  • Size : W150 x H270mm
  • Weight : 56g
  • Contents : 5 chopsticks, 5 chopstick covers (1 prefolded)

  • You can use it for about a year.
  • Hand wash, use soft sponge, and organic soap.
  • To ensure its natural color, refrain from using with strong, dark sauces or dishes of powerful coloring.
    (There is possibility of color transfer. )

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