About Zen Collection

About Zen Collection

From the dark pine covered mountain peaks of Tohoku, to the serene temples of Kyoto, Japan embodies the spirit of simplicity, harmony and peace in many ways.

It is a culture of mystery, of contrasts and in many ways full of complexities. Japanese art, cuisine, music and dance show us the attraction of subtlety. Traditional architecture, tools and even weapon creation techniques display the intricate attention to details, the patience and diligence of its craftsmen.

The art of Zen traces its roots back to ancient India, China and Japan where it was adopted so completely by the Japanese people and their way of life.

We see this shared lineage of Zen - of simply being - translated and integrated into the Japanese way of everyday living through the objects and tools that surround them. Perhaps most evident of all is in the way they revere the natural materials that make up these tools.

Zen Collection is presenting tools born from ancient Japanese lifestyle and culture. Made with the skill and traditional care of the past, in contemporary and easy-to-use designs for the modern day consumer and their lifestyle.

“Each product is an unfinished product”. The old craftsmen used to say. Every tool is as imperfect and perfect as its user. Through time they are enhanced and refined by use together.

In Japan a blacksmith would say "iron is a living thing," a potter would say "earth is a living thing," while a wood worker would say "wood is a living thing."

Zen collection products stand pure and timeless. Calmly proposing to the modern generation an opportunity to start on “Life, as it’s meant to be lived” .

As you begin on your journey to live in elegant balance, and integrate Zen into your own unique home and lifestyle. Suggestions from our brand ambassador will help you discover new applications and hidden values in the use of these ecological and practical tools.