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Shibu Uchiwa Sensen - Square Fan (ink stained)

Shibu Uchiwa Sensen - Square Fan (ink stained)

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Product No. : 10-122-04

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This uchiwa is painted in blueish ink used mainly for calligraphy before being coated. This square shaped uchiwa - fan, is light weight, and is very practical item that creates airflow without burdening your wrists. The washi, Japanese paper, used to make this “Shibu-uchiwa” is coated with persimmon tannin (Kaki shibu) which makes it insect repellent and very durable. This fan can even be used for 100 years with care so will last a lifetime. With time (after a few years), the color will change to show a distinctive character that can also be enjoyed. The Shibu-uchiwa of Kutami is treasured for its long life and because it keeps away the insects (bad things), it is appreciated as a good luck item. Kutami located in Kumamoto prefecture in the southern part of Japan, is well known for their production of the Shibu-uchiwa since the Muromachi Period 400 years ago.

Japan has made famous its use of hand fans and paper fans. They are used in contemporary society to promote products, events, campaigns, festivals and more. In summer they are a convenient ammenity and their culture of distributing these on the street makes one glad to have braved the humid air and brutal sun that August in Tokyo brings.

According the the craftsmen,
“With time, the color will deepen to show beautiful coloring that gives the user a peace of mind which in modern day holds great meaning.”
The first time I held this particular fan, I felt like a princess. It was light and fairy, chic, delicate and very effective. I felt delighted and relaxed – the Shibu Uchiwa is like having a summer breeze in the palm of your hand.

  • Material : Paper, bamboo, ink, persimmon tannin
  • Size : W250 x H370 x D10mm
  • Weight : 20g

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