Product Material

Treating and maintaining your products with care will prolong the life of your product.
Please read through the instructions below.


Wood is a natural material which expands and contracts as it breathes.

Before Use

  • Emerse in water, drain right away and wipe dry with a clean dry cloth before use. Water will soak into the wood grains resulting in less staining.
  • Coat the wood with cooking oil (olive oil) and wipe clean with a dry cloth before use. This will prevent excess staining. Warping and cracking due to excess dryness can also be avoided.


  • Dryness due to exposure to direct sunlight may cause warping and cracking.
  • Do not leave moist food remains inside, or leave wet after washing for this will result in mold and bacterial growth.
  • To prevent cracking and warping due to excess dryness, store in areas with moderate moisture.

* for containers

  • Do not put very hot food or boiling hot water inside the containers.
  • Do not leave oily and dark colored food inside for long periods to avoid color transfer and also stains may not come out.
  • Do not use microwaves, ovens and dishwashers.
  • Use warm or cold water to wash and after drying store in an airy shaded area.

Upon Receipt

You may notice oil stains on the product packaging (box), be assured that this is a non-toxic natural resin produced by the tree (wood).


Iron Kettle

Before Use

  • To form a natural coating (scaling) on the inside of the kettle we suggest that you use your kettle every day for at least two weeks when new. Scaling is a white substance made of calcium and other minerals in the water which minimizes rust inside the kettle.
  • Rinse the kettle once or twice. Put a cupful of green tea in a cloth and heat with water to a boil for about 20 minutes or put the rinse water after washing rice into the kettle and heat. Repeat 2 to 3 times for more effectiveness. This process also takes the iron smell out of the kettle. (Keep the lid off during this procedure.)


  • Do not leave hot water in the kettle after use. Empty and dry the kettle after each use.
  • Do not scrub the inside of the kettle. Remove the lid and let the kettle dry with the remaining heat or over low heat.
  • Wipe the outside with a clean dry cloth.
  • If the inside develops rust, repeat the procedure two or three times for when new.
  • Do not to heat the kettle empty.
  • Do not wash or scrub the inside of the iron kettle.