Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About our security terms

Griffon Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”), has the following policy regarding privacy.

Limits of applicability of the privacy policy

The privacy policy is applicable when the user is using the Company’s services. Personal information collected when the user uses the Company’s services is managed in accordance with the privacy policy herein. The Company’s privacy policy is not applicable to information related to persons, companies, etc., that is not directly managed by the Company.

Sharing and disclosure of information

The Company will not disclose personal information to third parties without the customer’s consent. This does not apply, however, in the following situations:

  • In case of a request from public authorities such as a court or the police based on laws or regulations.
  • In case of special provisions in laws or regulations.
  • In case there is fear of harm to the life, body, property, reputation, credit, etc., of the customer or a third party and it is not possible to obtain the consent of the person him/herself.
  • In case there is a need to protect the rights, property, or services of the Company from activity that violates laws or regulations or the Company’s Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act and it is not possible to obtain the consent of the person him/herself.

Collection and use of information

The Company will use the customer’s contact information such as name, address, and telephone number to ship products to and request payment from the customer. In addition, the Company will use payment information designated by the user in connection with billing, such as credit card numbers.

The Company will use the customer’s contact information such as name, address, and e-mail address, as well as information such as the types and quantities of products ordered and the amount to be billed, for purposes such as communicating and confirming order contents and shipping methods.

The Company will use information such as the user’s order history and the user’s contact information — such as name, address, and e-mail address —in order to inform the user of the Company’s promotional campaigns, products, services, etc.

The Company will use information such as opinions received from the customer, survey results, or usage history in order to improve the Company’s services.

The Company will use the user’s contact information such as name, address, and e-mail address in order to respond to requests or inquiries from the user.

Direct marketing

The Company may at times send the user, by means of e-mail and postal mail, information on services, products, etc., that are thought to be of benefit to the user. If requested by the user, the Company will cease to send information of this kind.


When the user visits the Company’s homepage, cookies make it easier for the user to browse the site; cookies do not invade the user’s privacy, and do not have any adverse effect on the user’s computer.

It is also possible to refuse the acceptance of cookies by configuring Internet browsing software (browsers), but doing so may cause some difficulty in browsing the site. For information on how to configure a browser, please consult with your software manufacturer.


Within reasonable limits, the Company takes measures necessary to protect the privacy of the user who has visited this Site. Depending on the particular service at the Site, at times the Company may receive highly sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers) from the user, on such occasions the Company endeavors to protect the information through methods of encryption.

Treatment of personal data

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act the Company will carry out necessary measures in its internal structure and will instruct employees to handle personal information properly and ensure that they do so.

The Company will restrict the use of personal information to personnel who have need of it for business purposes, will create rules regarding the storage, management, etc., of personal information, and will take preventive measures for the protection of personal information.

With regard to personal information stored in the system, the Company will prepare IDs and passwords to prevent unauthorized access. Only personnel who have need of the information to process your order will be able to access the information. The company will enforce and maintain these management access safeguards to secure IDs and passwords of the user.

The Site is installed with industry-standard SSL encryption, on necessary site pages to secure data transmission of personal information on the internet.

So long as there is no interference with services, the Company will delete personal information from time to time after a fixed period of time.

The Company may in the future revise all or part of this privacy policy. In the case of any important changes, notification will be given on this site in an easy-to-understand manner.