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Wasabiyama - soy sauce dish for wasabi

USD 15.04

The Wasabiyama - soy sauce dish was designed for wasabi lovers. To the Edokko (Japanese of the Tokyo...

Chazutsu - Tea Canister (tin plated, small)

USD 60.16

The chazutsu is made of tin plated copper, left untreated and unpainted. Antioxidant coating is not ...

  • 07-459-05

Tisshu no Hako - Tissue Box

USD 76.14

The Tisshu no Hako - tissue box is made from Kiso Hinoki- cypress wood, is re fillable and is left u...

  • 05-329-01

out of stock

Oshiki Kurumiabura - Square Tray (treated)

USD 77.08

The Oshiki - square tray with an edge was designed as a platter to experience the delicious Japanese...

  • 07-143-03

Miyajima Nanasun - Rice Scoop

USD 15.98

The Miyajima rice scoop is made from Azusa wood, characterised by its beautiful straight grain and h...

  • 07-466-01

Chasaji Nashi Gata - Tea Scoop

USD 16.92

The Chasaji - the pear shaped tea scoop is a beautifully delicate utensil. Made of copper with a tin...

  • 07-460-01

Chazutsu - Tea Canister (non plated, large)

USD 75.20

The chazutsu is made of pure copper. The surface is untreated and unpainted. Antioxidant coating is ...

  • 07-459-02

Torizara Namako - Sharing Plate 5pc set

USD 89.30

The Torizara is a set of 5 small plates made of black clay and used in Japanese cuisine for families...

  • 07-462-01

Zei no Ohashi - Chopsticks 5 pair set

USD 13.16

The Zei no Ohashi - chopsticks 5 pair set are made of Yoshino’s red cedar and are of the highest qua...

  • 07-470-01

Katate Kumi Oke - One Handed Bath Bucket

USD 79.90

The Katate Kumi Oke - one handed bath bucket is made of 200 year old “Kiso Hinoki”, polished smooth ...

  • 08-040-01