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Mucha Kucha - Sencha & Hojicha 6 pack set

This 6 pack value set contains 3 Sencha and 3 Hojicha tea boxes (also available in single packs). Sh...

USD 84.48

  • 04-020-04

Green Tea Gift Set in a Box

This Japanese green tea starter set contains the essential items needed to enjoy Japanese green tea ...

USD 132.00

  • 04-020-03

Kucha - Hojicha (roasted green tea)

The rich pleasant smell of fresh tea leaves roasted over strong heat characterizes this Hojicha. A r...

USD 15.84

  • 04-020-02

Mucha - Sencha (steamed green tea)

Green tea leaves nurtured by the blessings of the sun and earth, surrounded by the rich greens of Ka...

USD 15.84

  • 04-020-01

Chasaji Nashi Gata - Tea Scoop

The Chasaji - the pear shaped tea scoop is a beautifully delicate utensil. Made of copper with a tin...

USD 15.84

  • 07-460-01

Chataku - Saucer 5pc set

The Chataku is a saucer made to hold your tea cup. It is made of tin plated copper, left untreated a...

USD 110.00

  • 07-458-01

Kumidashi - Teacup 5pc set

The Kumidashi tea cup is made from Amakusa pottery stone - all natural materials found in the Kumamo...

USD 44.00

  • 07-457-01

Maru Kyusu Yokote - Teapot

The Maru Kyushu Yokote teapot is made of dark clay. The Teapot is left un varnished and without a gl...

USD 49.28

  • 07-456-01